For centuries Buxus has remained one of the most popular plants for both topiary work and hedging.   Its evergreen foliage is remarkably tolerant of close clipping and provides instant definition to any garden.

We stock a large number of different sizes of Buxus balls, cones, spirals and cubes together with various sizes of unclipped plants for hedging.  The majority of our range is Buxus sempervirens.

VarietyPlant SizePot Size
Buxus hedging20 cmtray x 18 - 9cm pots
Buxus hedging20-25 cm tray x 8 - 13cm pots
Buxus hedging30 cm tray x 6 - 17 cm pots
Buxus hedging40 cm+19cm pot
Buxus hedging50-60 cm23cm pot
Buxus hedging60-80 cm26cm pot
Buxus hedging80-100 cmrootball
Buxus hedging100-125 cmrootball
Buxus hedging120-140 cmrootball
Buxus hedging140-150 cmrootball
Buxus hedging160-180 cmrootball
Buxus 3 ball100-110 cmrootball
Buxus ball20 cm19cm pot
Buxus ball30 cm26cm pot
Buxus ball40 cm30cm pot
Buxus ball50 cm40cm pot
Buxus ball60 cm 45cm pot
Buxus ball70 cm60cm pot
Buxus ball80 cm65cm pot
Buxus ball100 cm80cm pot
Buxus ball110 cm85cm pot
Buxus ball120 cm85cm pot
Buxus ball130 cm100cm pot
Buxus ball140 cm100cm pot
Buxus cone50-60 cm26cm pot
Buxus cone70-80 cm30cm pot
Buxus cone90-100 cm40cm pot
Buxus cone100-110 cm40cm pot
Buxus cone110-120 cm45cm pot
Buxus cone120-130 cm45cm pot
Buxus cone130-140 cm50cm pot
Buxus cone140-150 cm50cm pot
Buxus cube 30x30x30 cm30cm pot
Buxus cube40x40x40 cm35cm pot
Buxus cube50x50x50 cm40cm pot
Buxus cube60x60x60 cm45cm pot
Buxus cube70x70x70 cmrootball
Buxus cube80x80x80 cmrootball
Buxus cube90x90x90 cmrootball
Buxus obelisk (flat sided pyramid)80-90 cm30cm pot
Buxus obelisk (flat sided pyramid)90-100 cm35cm pot
Buxus obelisk (flat sided pyramid)100-110 cm45cm pot
Buxus spiral70-80 cm26cm pot
Buxus spiral90-100 cm28cm pot
Buxus spiral100-120 cm29cm pot
Buxus spiral140-160 cm40cm pot
Buxus spiral160-180 cm45cm pot
Buxus spiral180-200 cm80cm pot
Buxus standard 1m40-45cm head30cm pot
Buxus standard 1m50-55cm head35cm pot
Buxus standard 1m60cm head40cm pot