Climbers are a valuable addition to any garden by providing an attractive covering for walls and fences, growing through trees and over pergolas or merely to hide or disguise an unsightly building.

Most climbers can be divided into either self-clinging, twining or scrambling and all require some support until they become established. The protection of a south or west facing wall provides the opportunity to grow a range of plants that may not survive otherwise.

We stock a range of sizes on single canes starting at 1m up to large 5m specimens. We also stock the useful trellis-trained climbers and wall shrubs together with a selection of climbers grown on tripods.

One of the most useful and popular climbers is Trachelospermum and, with its evergreen leaves and scented flowers, it will suit most situations. Whether evergreen or deciduous, fast growing or less vigorous, scented or fruiting, climbers are indispensable.